"Be alert, stand firm in the faith,
be brave, be strong. 
Do all your work in love" 
1 Cor. 16:13-14

MEMBERSHIP: All members of our Church who are 60 years of age and above automatically become members of the Senior's Fellowship. At the beginning of the year we had a membership of 42, which by the yearend dwindled to 33, most of the decrease due to shifting to other parishes or leaving Delhi for various reasons. We wish and pray for all those who left us for His continued Grace, peaceful and healthy life and happy sojourn in their new environments and welcome those who joined us during the year, to share the days ahead with us in each others company and fellowship.

OBITUARY: It is with a heavy heart we list below two of our dear members who left for heavenly abode during 2004-05. Mr. P. U, Thomas - was founder Vice President of our fellowship. Was a very active member who had lots of ambitions and fore-thought about the fellowship. He passed away on 25-12-2004 at the age of 84. Mrs. Mary Samuel - The Samuels' were the key operators of the fellowship from day one, and has been primarily responsible for the present shaping and footing of the fellowship. They moved over to Chennai in July 2004 essentially for the treatment of Mrs. Samuel. She eventually succumbed to her ailment at Chennai. She was 75 years old. We express our sincere grief and extend our condolences to the bereaved family members.

ACTIVITES: We hold regular monthly meetings of the fellowship on all second Saturdays at the Church or at the residence of members at which we have Bible Study, discussions, interactions, planning for special programmes etc and prayers. Being elderly people with natural and inherent disabilities, about half of our members are not in a position to regularly attend the meetings. It is therefore necessary for us to have meetings at their residences to wish them all well and pray with them for their well being and continued Gods' grace - During the year we had four meetings at the Church six at the residence of members, one each at a destitute children's home and a cancer care center. 


1. We visited over the years, the Shanti Avedana Sadan New Delhi where over 30 end- stage cancer patients were being looked after under the care of the dedicated Sisters. We had soothing words with each one of the patients, and had prayed for their peace and mental comfort. We also donated some grocery items like rice, dal, sugar etc for the patients.

2. We arranged a Holy Communion Service and a meeting at our Church of the Vicars, Senior Fellowship members and Church executive members of all Mar Thoma Churches in and around Delhi, in 2004. Rev. Joseph Chacko our Dioceses Secretary and Rev. Dr. V. S. Varghese Principal Dharma Jyoti Vidyapeeth, Faridabad were special invitees - A total of over 100 attended the meeting. We were fortunate to have Very Rev. Dr. D. Philip, the Vicar General of the Delhi- Bombay Diocese to lead the Holy Communion Service and thereafter at the meeting as the main speaker. He gave a befittig speech and expressed his appreciation and happiness about the activities of our fellowship. Our Church Choir enriched the Communion service by special Hyms and songs. At the business session it was decided to have a Seniors Forum for Delhi Center Mar Thoma Churches and Office Bearers for the same were elected.

3. Deepalaya - We visited the Deepalaya Establishment near Suraj Kund where destitute children are accommodated, fed, clothed, and educated under the care of the staff of Deepalaya, to see and learn the way in which the institution is run and the inmates look after was really a pleasant experience and education. Real Christian work is being carried out at this institution. We gave a contribution for the welfare of the inmates.

4. Seniors Sunday - The day was observed as the Seniors Sunday and special service was held at the Church, at which members of the Fellowship took active part in all functions of service such as assisting the Vicar, reading of lessons, collection of offertory, delivering of message etc. This was really a solemn occasion for the members of the Church in general and the senior members in particular.