Sevika Sanghom of Jerusalem Mar Thoma Syrian Church, New Delhi

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Origin and Purpose : Jesus our Saviour has commissioned every one of His followers to proclaim his Gospel of salvation to the whole world. Deriving strength from His Holy Spirit and in obedience to His commission, the women members of the Mar Thoma Church have taken on the journey of spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom to the places they are placed. It is with this vision the Suvishesha Sevika Sangham was formed in the early 20th century. Soon the Sangham spread its branches to every Marthoma Church located all over the world.

Focus : Jerusalem Marthoma Sevika Sangham began its activities soon after the parish was formed in early 1983. The women members of our church get together to pray, to study the Word of God, to discuss various relevant issues to help the church in its mission. True to its call to be lighted to lighten, the Mar Thoma Sevika Sangham members focus their study and activities on the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Sangham is involved in the various activities of the Church. The Sevika Sangham’s first baby “the Shalom Niwas Hostel” which is now adopted by the Parish is providing safe and secure accommodation to low paid working women..


Bible Study : Regular Bible Study gives the members a passion to serve the Lord. Knowing His will in the daily chores of every woman’s life motivates her to shine for Jesus in the World.

Fasting prayer meetings : The members take upon themselves the call to humble ourselves before the Lord in fasting and praying on behalf of the families, the church and the nation and the needs of the universal church.

COTTAGE Prayer :  It is a source of getting acquainted with the women of a particular area, not only belonging to the Mar Thoma church but of others as well. It is also a time for ecumenical participation. Our Vicars and the Kochammas give tremendous support to this endeavor.

Visiting the old and the sick members of the Church : “When you have done this to the least of my brothers, you have done it for Me” says the Lord. The old  and suffering members of the parish are always dear to the Sangham and we consider it our privilege to visit them occasionally and be with them praying, singing and sharing the meals with them.

Educational and medical aid : The Sangham extends its support in educating those children who are able to study well but are in no way able to meet the finances. It has been also the sanghaam’s special privilege to be able to support the medical needs of some who are sick. Those members who are in the medical field are always ready to help any member who needs their support in the respective hospitals they work

Decoration In Altar : Area-wise members fully co-operated in decorating the Altar with fresh flowers in every Sunday.

Income generation to fund the activities : The main source of income are the Bring and Buy sale, voluntary contributions, church grant and other donations. The mite box collection goes to the Center Sevika Sangham.

Participation in Church Activities : The Sevika Sangham’s activities do not limit itself to the Sangham but it covers almost every organization of the parish. The members participate actively in the Church Convention, Carol Singing, celebration of National festivals, the Parish Day celebrations, the Annual Fete and Fair etc.


New Avenues: The Sevika Sangham wants now to focus its attention on the women and children of the city found on the streets of Delhi. The members are praying about God’s guidance in this area. It also wants to start regular cooking classes, other hobby classes, library and reading sessions etc.

Updated on Tuesday, October 04, 2011