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Sunday School of Jerusalem Mar Thoma Syrian Church, New Delhi

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COME TO JESUS, BRING EVERY CHILD TO JESUS - motto of Mar Thoma Sunday School Samajam

“Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”

(Proverbs 9: 10)  

Children of today are the citizens of tomorrow. The best investment any parent can make is to ensure that their children learn the word of God right from their childhood.  The objective of our Sunday School is to get every child for Christ and true to its motto, the number of children attending the Sunday School has gone up year after year. The Sunday school session for the academic year commences in the month of January / February. Sunday school is held in the Church before start of worship service  on every Sunday.  This arrangement enabled the children to attend the entire Holy Communion Service. 

Students : Nearly 175 children attend the Sunday school regularly. It is commendable to note that the Parish Executive Committee is continuing the facility of providing transport arrangement for the benefit of the children from far away places. Unfortunately, we are not able to bring all eligible children of our church to attend the Sunday school. We still need to implement a mass campaign to encourage every child of the parish to study the word of our lord.

Teachers: By God's grace The Jerusalem Mar Thoma Church Sunday School, has over twenty dedicated teachers who are visionaries and are doing their very best for the spiritual growth of the children. We should find few more teachers so that teachers can provide individual attention to the students. In order to achieve this goal each teacher should bring one more teacher so that we will have sufficient number of teachers.  



Classes : The Sunday school classes start in January / February. We continue the tradition of starting the classes after a round of chorus singing and worship.  (Click to see the Sunday School Lesson Chart)  (Click to see Sunday School Lessons for 2013)

Unit test : Unit test is held in August/September every year. Questions are prepared from the first fifteen lessons. The students participate in unit test and utilize it as a model for the annual examination.   

Annual Examination : Annual Examination is conducted as per the schedule given by the Sunday School Samajam, Tiruvalla. The overall performance of the students in the examination has been below their capacity. So we urge the parents to give special attention in learning Sunday school lessons especially in beginner and primary classes.  Main 


events of the year (Click to see Sunday School Activity Calendar )


Annual Competitions:  Annual Competitions are held during  September.   The various class wise competitions included:

a) Bible Reading (For Juniors, Intermediates  and Seniors)

e) Singing (Beginner, Primary, Juniors, Intermediates, and Senior)

b) Memory Verse (Beginner, Primary, Jun.,Inter.& Sen.)        

f) Story Telling (Beginners, Primary and Juniors)

c) Elocution    (For Juniors, Intermediates & Seniors) 

g) Bible Quiz (Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors)

d) Essay Writing (For Juniors, Intermediates & Seniors)


Students Camp : Our students and teachers actively participate and benefit from the Delhi Centre Sunday School Students Camp organized at St. John’s School every year.  

Delhi Centre Sunday School Annual Competitions  

Annual competitions of the Delhi Centre are held on 2nd October every year. Our children have been actively participating in the Competitions and winning prizes. For first time in the history of the Parish, in 2010, we won the overall runner up trophy also. Click to see more on our winners

 Christmas Program : On Christmas Eve, various Christmas programs are presented by the children along with the Carol Service. The teachers with the cooperation of several parents were successful in exploring and bringing out the talents of the children. The children enchant the gathering with their songs, dances and skits. The children also had a sumptuous Christmas party.

Vacation Bible School (VBS) : Vacation Bible School is conducted during last week of December. The respective prayer groups took great efforts to make transport arrangement for bringing the children and dropping them back to home which really goes into making the VBS an event of participation. The Transport Committee and Food Committee worked, under the leadership of the General convener of VBS. Click to see more of VBS-2007

 Even though VBS is one of the main activities of the Sunday school, the Parish as a whole render all financial and organizational support. All the expenses of the VBS is borne by the Parish.

Annual Day: The Annual day for the academic year is celebrated every year. The Chief Guest is invariably an eminent person from children's ministry. Children who excel in examinations and various competitions are given prizes. Children and teachers made the occasion colourful by their songs and various other programmes.  The program always ended with a small snacks party for all gathered. Click to see more of Sunday School Annual Day 2006-07

Activities for the teachers

Teachers Retreat: Sunday School organizes a retreat exclusively for Sunday School Teachers every year at our Church with an eminent speaker for the day. It has been a wonderful experience that further strengthen our relationship with God and each other. Teachers actively participate in the retreat. 

Centre Meetings: For effective coordination among various Sunday schools, our office bearers regularly participate in meetings organized by the Delhi Centre Sunday School at Marthoma Center and other places.

Centre Retreat : For better training and spiritual nourishment, our teachers participate in the retreats organized by Delhi Centre Sunday School.

Participation in church activities

The Sunday school children actively participate in the Independence Day celebrations, World Sunday School Day, Parish Day celebrations and other activities of the church. Every third Sunday, Sunday school children take the initiative in collecting church offertory and reading the bible portions.

 Sunday School Annual Competitions - 2011`

Sunday School Annual Day 2006-07



Center Competitions -  Our Winners

Shresta Varghese - First Prize - Primary Story Telling


Mathew Oommen - Second Prize - Intermediate Singing (Boys)

Mahima -  Second Prize - Beginners Memory Verse


Sivi Ann Varghese - Third Prize - Seniors Singing (Girls)

Our Parish is joint overall champions 

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