Wardha Mission

‘I tell you the truth, just as you did it for one of the least of these brothers or sisters of mine,
you did it for me.’ Matthew 25:40

Started as a missionary outreach program of the Yuvajana Sakhyam of Jerusalem Mar Thoma Church in 1989, Wardha Mission has completed 28 years of existence. It started as a dream of a group of youngsters to do something for the tribal people of villages far away, unconnected and untouched by the giant leap of development happening elsewhere in the world. Even basic education and other facilities were unheard of. These villagers could never think of sending their children for any kind of higher or senior education. They had to send them to city and they did not have the means to facilitate that either.

JMTYS thought of opening a Boy’s hostel at Wardha initially to facilitate the children from far off villages who wanted to study in higher classes but did not have any means to stay or undertake this education in Wardha.

The contribution of Mr K C Pappachan - the first missionary to Wardha and the continuous support from Mr John Varghese and family at Wardha has been the major contributors for the great success that Wardha Mission has achieved over these years.

Boy's Hostel

Boy’s hostel was the first project started by the young missionaries who acquired land, built a facility to take care of these children, went into the remote and tribal villages to find the needy and aspiring children and brought them into the fold of this great scheme. Totally aliens speaking a different language, they entrenched themselves in the soil of Wardha. It was a difficult venture, taking care of small children from a totally different background, not knowing their language, and their culture.


We have four balawadis currently running at villages of Dhanora, Amla, Digress and Dahegaon. with an average of 30-35 children between the ages of 3 and 6 years at each balawadi. A teacher and ayah take care of the children and the children are given basic elementary education. We have acquired a land at Amla and have started the Balawadi in our own premises in 2006. With these balawadis and the child care centre, we have atleast touched about 15 villages around Wardha.

Women Upliftment Programs

Wardha Mission organizes regular classes, counselling sessions and other programs to help the women and ladies of the village keep abreast of all the developmental programs, impart hygiene education and also conduct tailoring classes etc.


The wardha mission team gets together to make food and distribute them once every month to all those people who are needy in the villages around Wardha.

V Care Project

The Wardha Mission team has started a new project called V-Care as a Child Supporter Program. A Child supporter will be funding a particular unique child for at least a period of 1 year. The CDS and the Child will be in corresponding with each other for 4 times a year, which means, every 3 months there would be a Trimester letter which the child would address to the CDS and subsequently would be responded by the CDS in the same Trimester.

Retreats and Camps for Teenagers and Youths

There is a strong emphasis on encouraging and engaging the teens and youths in various activities through retreats, camps, conferences, sports events, yoga classes, etc.

The People Behind

A strong team of committed people work behind the project to make it a success. The team is led by Rev Noble Abraham and with a strong support of Mr John Varghese and other staff members.

St Thomas English Medium School

Another major initiative of the Wardha Mission has been the initiation of a St Thomas English Medium School at Wardha.

The school currently has __ number of students attending with __ teachers and staff and holds classes till 6th...

The plan is to develop the school so that it could be a KG to PG school in the near future
that imparts knowledge from grass roots to the highest level of education.